Featured Profile: Dr. Alyson J. McGregor

0005_AlysonMcGregor_DIG0005-Edit_2Dr. Alyson McGregor is a native Rhode Islander who has spent her academic and medical career in the New England area. She is a graduate of New Hampshire University and Boston University Medical School, and completed her residency in emergency medicine at Brown University. She is passionate about raising appreciation of the role of sex and gender in health and disease. She co-founded and currently serves at the Director of the Division of Sex and Gender in Emergency Medicine at Brown University’s Warren Alpert Medical School, where she continues to advocate for increased attention to gender in research and care.

“Men have been used as the model for research to limit the uncertainty of fluctuating hormones,” Dr. McGregor writes. “This resulted in the notion that women’s health was limited to issues surrounding reproduction and breast health and has been termed ‘Bikini Medicine.’ Science is now showing us that gender is much more than an add on.”

The Division of Sex and Gender in Emergency Medicine (SGEM) focuses on gender-specific research in relation to acute health conditions, as well as increasing advocacy and awareness for sex and gender-based health topics by creating educational resources and opportunities so that gender medicine may be systematically included in medical training.

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