Featured Profile: Deb De Sherbinin

Deb de Sherbinin is a creative product and marketing consultant who helps companies develop, brand, and launch products and apps targeted to kids and their families. With twenty-five years experience building world-class brands, she has developed and launched hundreds of products. Her expertise includes strategic planning, brand management, product innovation and development, Kickstarter, market research, public relations, promotion, social media,
deb de sherbininlicensing and advertising. She founded the consulting firm KidSmart in 1992 to offer marketing services for both start-up and established consumer goods companies targeting kids and their families. Deb is a strategic advisor for Physical Apps and LessonFace. She serves on the Women in Toys board as the Empowerment Initiatives chair, NE chapter chair and Communications co-chair. She is on the Steering committee for Women in Action, a North Shore United Way group that funds programs to promote healthy eating and physical activity among kids.
Deb de Sherbinin recently sat on a panel hosted by GA and Workbar, focusing on giving feedback to startup product managers. She was booked for the panel through Innovation Women!

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