Featured Profile: Heather Dahl

“Not all viruses give you the sniffles. Not all zombies are human. Behind the calm of everyday life lies digital chaos.”

Heather3Heather is the co-founder and CEO of The Cynja & CynjaTech, a multi-platform media company focused on introducing children to the world of technology. The Cynja is a series empowering kids to make smart choices online. The Cynja uses awesome storytelling and “way cool” illustrations inspired by real cyber threats and technology. The Cynja concept was born when Heather discovered that there were no books for kids about the “bad guys” in cyberspace – worms, zombies and trojans.

Heather also serves as Chairman of the Board for the National Press Foundation. She is the former Director of Global Analyst Relations at Neustar, a technology and information services company serving the telecommunications, Internet, marketing and media industries. Heather is frequently cited as a thought leader on industry best practices. She continues to consult with tech firms about their industry analyst relations programs.

November is a big month for Heather! Her third book, Code of the Cynja Volume 2, will be released this month. In late November, her company will be releasing a new app called CynjaSpace, which is designed to help teach kids and their parents about security online.

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