Upcoming Events: December 11, 2015

Upcoming events and opportunities for you.  This week we’re able to feature one of our own Innovation Women, Jules Pieri, founder of the Grommet, as she talks about the challenges of entrepreneurship.  Check out the do-gooder holiday parties from the Women’s iLab and the Boston Business Women. And, information on the upcoming HBS Dynamic Women in Business Conference.  Plan ahead!

Entrepreneurship and Mental Fortitude
Wednesday, December 16, 2015, 6-9pm
WeWork South Station, Boston

Panelists: Jules Pieri, Co-Founder at The Grommet and Ben Rubin, Founder at Change Collective and Zeo

“The Hardships of Entrepreneurship.”

TRUTH ALERT: Building a company is hard. The “Building Consumer Goods” meetup is chatting with two experienced entrepreneurs about the under-told story of the hardship of the journey. The goal is to gain a very real perspective about entrepreneurship, and what starting and growing a company actually entails. What is the good, but especially the bad, and the ugly? Hear about fundraising, the emotional toll it can take on your personal life or family, leading a team while on the brink of going under…

And touch upon the risks you’re really taking, the support system you’ll need, and what happens when your support system tells you it’s time to call it quits. More information

Giving for Growth – Women’s iLab Holiday Party
Dec 16, 2015
Women’s iLab

Join Boston’s Innovators for Celebrations and Donations benefiting The St. Francis House. Bring a gift to place under the tree to benefit the women of the St. Francis House. The St. Francis House provides food, clothing, mental health, substance abuse counseling, housing and legal assistance to women in need. Learn more here.

Boston Business Women’s Holiday Cocktail Party
Dec 17, 2015

Join The Boston Business Women for cocktails & light bites in your holiday best! Proceeds will benefit Boston women & single Mothers in homeless shelters who are currently looking for jobs. Please also plan to bring business casual clothes for donation to the event. Learn more here.

25th Annual Dynamic Women in Business Conference
HBS Women’s Student Association
Feb 20, 2016

The conference, hosted by Harvard Business School’s Women’s Student Association (WSA), is a powerful forum for women to learn from, share with, and inspire one another. This annual conference brings together over 1,000 women — including students, alumnae, faculty, distinguished business leaders, and community members — to explore the opportunities and challenges that women encounter in today’s business world. Learn more here.


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