Featured Speaker: Patti Fletcher

Patti Fletcher is a seasoned business executive, award-winning marketing influencer, board member, angel investor, author, and presenter. She writes for Inc., The Guardian, and has contributed to and been featured in Time Magazine, Al-Jazeera, Forbes, Newsweek, Xconomy, The Muse and many more.
Patti advises corporate executives and board members from lean start-ups to Fortune 100s, from small community organizationView More: http://jpteutonico.pass.us/heather-and-pattis to large global non-profits. She is a sought-after speaker on the topics of leading large-scale cultural change, transformational leadership, brand building, cultivating high performance teams, women on boards, women in the c-suite, and women in high growth entrepreneurship. Her passion lies in helping leaders find out their “what’s next” at the individual and organizational levels. Patti is  passionate about inclusive environments, innovation, board service, and the duty of leaders to change the world.
Although Patti has been a writer and contributing author for years, she recently launched her own thought leadership blog on drPattiFletcher.com where she writes on the intersection of leadership theory and real-life experience in order to shed light on what it takes to transform cultures and enable change that matters.

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