Reporters Use InnovationWomen Too! is a searchable online database and there have been several reporters who have discovered it is a handy source of expert sources. They sign up as an “event manager” (for free and we approve them ASAP). Then they can search for experts by location, industry and topics. We know that the gender balance issues don’t stop at the stage — there have been many studies that talk about how women aren’t quoted in articles as often as men, and that the media also needs to do more to diversify.
We’re sharing the “helpful tips” we give to reporters, also relevant to event managers:

  • Start by searching the topics (if you search by industry or location first you might miss people who put in, for example, Massachusetts rather than Boston, or a suburb rather than the city you want.)
  • When you find the person you need you can reach them directly through the site by clicking on the red “invite” button. We always appreciate a “I found you on Innovation Women” for the win!)
  • Check out the “example topics” many Innovation Women include on their page for story ideas.
  • One of the items on our product road map is an option for our speakers to identify as a media source but everyone that we have talked to so far has said they are open to speaking to reporters. Another great source of visibility!

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