Opportunity? Pass it on!

The Innovation Woman database is a busy place! Our top 10 speakers just surpassed 2000 collective views! We have more than 1300 members – both speakers and event managers, and we’re connecting more and more speakers and event managers every day.
And, speaking of busy — we submit that the population of the Innovation Women community is the busiest place in the world.  We’ve talked to a lot of you and we’re so impressed with all that you manage to accomplish, and you do it so well.
So, we understand if you can’t do it all. If you get asked to speak and you just can’t do it, pass it on!
You can come back to the Innovation Women database and search for one of your “industry sisters” – someone else with your brand of knowledge and experience.  You can call us and we’ll find a substitute for you from within the community.  Of course, you can turn to your co-workers and your personal network. Just make sure it is another woman!  We know a lot of event managers are counting on us to help them generate a gender-balanced panel.

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