What’s Your Message?

When you send out a weekly email newsletter to more than 5000 great women speakers and event managers, you get a few out-of-office messages in return. Some indicate that the sender is in meetings, away for the day, away for the week, or even longer. Responses will be delayed.  Or maybe you should contact someone else.

Then there are the messages that tell you a little more about the sender. “I’m headed for Italy!”  Or, “I’ll be back after maternity leave.” And sometimes, you get something like this…
“I’m climbing a mountain, sleeping in a hammock in my backyard, finally organizing my files, swimming in the ocean, or making a salad from my garden until next week. I’ll get back to you then.”
We salute you, Mountain Climber, Hammock Sleeper, File Organizer, Ocean Swimmer and Salad Maker! Thank you for the smiles and the inspiration.
How about it, Innovation Women?  What’s your favorite out-of-office message?  Or, if you must stick to the plain facts, what do you wish you could say?

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