Will Opportunity Find You?

A look at our one page flyer

Visibility is a powerful thing! Smart people in business looking to forward their careers aim to keep their names in the conversation through interviews, authoring books and articles, and by appearing at events. But women don’t always receive the same access to such opportunities. We’re sure you’ve been to an event with multiple speakers or a panel and thought “Where are all the women?” We’ve thought that too.

Our goal at Innovation Women is to bring visibility to the many entrepreneurial, innovative and technical women present in all industries. If we are going to get more women into the boardroom and the corner office, we first need to get more women onstage, showcasing their talents and becoming part of the conversation.

We’ve created this one page flyer so you can easily share Innovation Women with friends, coworkers, event managers and anyone else who wants to build more opportunity for women in business. click-here-button

Are you a friend, coworker or family to a driven woman whose career could benefit from increased visibility? Share it with her! Are you going to an event with only male speakers or panelists? Bring along a copy to give to the event’s managers. Know someone who runs frequent events? Share it with them. Holding an event yourself? Use our free manager’s profiles to find speakers for your event.


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