Women Entrepreneurs Week

Last week we were in New York City with the team from She Leads Media at their 2016 She Leads event…and we heard that next week is Women Entrepreneurship Week. Woot! Congrats to Monclair State University for spearheading the effort.

We’re celebrating in Boston with a number of events – you can check them all out at the WE BOS website. Our own events will be on Monday (Mass Innovation Nights Women Founders and Wednesday’s Women Innovators Night).
And celebrate we must. Let’s get those women entrepreneurs front and center…because sometimes it’s hard to be something when you can’t see it. This recent edition of “American Inventors” is an example of the less-than-diverse examples we see all the time. While there may be women inventors (and geniuses) inside the publication, the cover certainly doesn’t provide much in the way of diversity. Let’s keep pushing to get gender-balance and diversity wherever we are.
See you there!
PS: Check out this week’s Super Panel:
Screen Shot 2016-10-13 at 10.26.47 AM.png

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