Innovation Women is a speakers bureau for entrepreneurial, technical and innovative women. We provide top women with more visibility and opportunity to demonstrate thought leadership and allow event managers to find great female presenters, creating more gender-balanced panels at events and conferences.

Innovation Women was founded by Bobbie Carlton and Betsy Dupre. We kicked off the effort in 2014 with an end-of-the-year Kickstarter project which helped fund the initial web application. The beta version of the web app was launched in May 2015 and now we’re stocking the shelves with great speakers, even while many event managers are already browsing…and in many cases, inviting speakers.

Why?  Because we’ve all been there: an event where the speakers are all or predominantly male, and wondered — where are the women who can also address this topic and bring a different perspective to the discussion? is a new online database designed to help event managers find those women and gender balance their panels and speakers. It’s also a way for entrepreneurial, technical and innovative women to get more visibility for themselves, their careers and their companies. Women who speak get connected to more potential customers, partners and funders. It’s a path to faster recognition of your thought leadership and expertise.

Innovation Women started in Boston, and was written up in the Boston Business Journal (“With new website, there’s ‘no excuse’ not to have female speakers on tech panels“). We were also written about in Inc. Magazine. It is rapidly expanding nationwide.

Event managers get free accounts and speakers pay $100/year for a basic account that helps them connect to the wealth of opportunities available.

Participate and learn more on our official site,

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