Again, Fast Company?


When we left Fast Company last week, they had published a tech trends article featuring the musings of 17 top experts – 16 men and 1 woman. We countered with a tech trends article of our own, demonstrating that women could be experts in tech trends too.

This week we’re going back to Fast Company (the gift that keeps on giving for cranky bloggers).  We’re looking at an article where 9 CEOs predict their biggest business challenge in the coming year.  It was published the day before the tech trends piece.  THIS article featured 7 women and 2 men.

Yeah! Right?


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Yes, Fast Company, Women Can be Experts too. Our 2019 Trends


Fast Company shared this article, The Biggest Tech Trends of 2019 According to Top Experts through their newsletter. One of our speakers, Nancy Shenker, immediately noticed an issue: “Where are the women?”

Yes, that’s right, when it was published, and distributed to however many zillion people get Fast Company newsletters, none of Fast Company’s “Top Experts” were women. A few hours later (as of this writing at 10:00 pm EST Thursday night), the article has one woman quoted. There are 16 men listed.

So, in the interest of equal time, here are some of the top 2019 trends from women – many of them speakers and experts from Innovation Women. (Yes, reporters, you can use our platform to quickly connect with expert sources, who all just happen to be women.) Read on to learn more about important trends in AI, AR/VR/MR, Smart cities, IoT, security, data privacy, fintech and more.

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The Year of Women Helping Women

women helping women
This is the annual challenge for writers of year-end round ups. Do you look back on the year that was? Do you recite your accomplishments or round up the accomplishments of others? Or do you look ahead, challenging the reader to imagine what lies ahead? This year, we look ahead.

We’re closing in on the end of 2018 and 2019 is right around the corner. You’ve got your list of resolutions ready but are you truly ready?

Are you ready for the Year of Women Helping Women? We hope so because we need your help to make it happen in 2019. #WomenHelpingOtherWomen

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How to Moderate a Panel

Symposium aIntroducing: A Slightly Different Moderator Method

Dear Panel Moderators,

Congrats! You’re the moderator!

Tired of yet another boring panel? Maybe it’s time to try something different.  It’s time for a Slightly-different Moderator Method, one that helps you pull cool stories from your speakers.

What do you remember from the last panel presentation you saw? If you are like most of us, what you remember is likely short on details. But if one of the speakers told a cool story you probably remember it. Here are some things that people like from their panels:

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What is a Super Panel (of speakers)?

marketing super panel 8-30-2018

(The members of our Marketing Super Panel)

What is an Innovation Women Super Panel?

An Innovation Women Super Panel is a group of our speaker members, assembled by industry or by topic, intended to provide an example of the awesome speakers an event manager can expect to find inside the Innovation Women platform. Each Super Panel is NOT an exhaustive list and we may revisit popular topics and industries, with different speakers. Currently, there are no speaking duties associated with being on a Super Panel (but more on that later.)

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The Top Female Speakers on Leadership

leadership super panel

Leadership is one of the more requested topics we get for speakers, as well as one of our most listed topics. So it might be surprising to learn that many conferences “forget” about women when it comes to booking a “leadership” speaker. All too often our unconscious biases come into play. Or the sad realities of the makeup of the C-suite in most Fortune 500 companies.

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