The Best Female Speakers on Marketing


It’s the return of the super panel! (What is a super panel? It’s an Innovation Women specialty, a way for us to recognize and promote some of the best women speakers in a given industry or on a given topic.)  If we had a chance to assemble a round table, or a super exclusive invite-only event, these are some of the women we’d invite to talk about marketing.

These are just a few of the awesome marketing speakers you’ll find when you search the Innovation Women platform….and they all just happen to be women.  We have speakers from all over the world — you’ll notice London UK and London Ontario, for example. We have literally hundreds of speakers who can address marketing topics, including:

  • Content marketing
  • Marketing technology
  • Social media
  • Brand management
  • Branding
  • Digital marketing
  • Analytics
  • Marketing strategy
  • Search engine marketing
  • Word of mouth
  • Advertising
  • Immersive media

The 2018 Marketing Super Panel (L to R, top to bottom): Irene Williams, Nashville, TN; Katie Martell, Boston, MA; Paige Arnof-Fenn, Cambridge, MA; Melissa Harrison, Minnesota; Shilpi Sharma, San Francisco; Barbara Coll, Redwood City, CA; Amber Ludeman, Oklahoma City, OK; Saija Mahon, London, UK; Zinnia Gupte, New York City; Ashleigh LeBlanc, Portland, ME; Jill Salzman, Chicago, IL; Jessica Sprinkel, Washington, DC; Sydni Craig-Hart, Emeryville, CA; Cathy Hackl, Florida; Dana Xavier Dojnik, Atlanta, GA; Jenny K. Hill, Chattanooga, TN; Courtney Cox Wakefield, Dallas, TX; Robin Honey, London, ON; Sharon Delaney McCloud, Raleigh, NC; Elisa Camahort Page, Silicon Valley; Amy Landino, Columbus, OH; Jennifer Willey, New York, New Jersey/Philly; Beth Granger, New York City; Paula Ucros, Bogata, Columbia; Lori Schwartz, Los Angeles, CA

With more than 1200 speakers on the Innovation Women site, we have one of the largest, if not THE largest collection of entrepreneurial, technical and innovative women speakers in the world. There are more than 200 speakers on our platform who talk about marketing topics. Need someone to run a marketing workshop? You found her. Looking for a keynote speaker? She’s here. Need an MC? A panelist? A featured speaker? We have you covered.

Are you an event manager looking to ensure gender balance and diversity on-stage at your event? Check out Innovation Women, a free-for-you-to-use platform that connects event managers, conference producers and journalists with amazing speakers and subject matter experts, who just happen to be women.

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Closing The Gender Gap


This week, two different online publications featured Innovation Women as a solution to gender inequities in the world: Singularity Hub and TechTarget. While we talk about being a visibility bureau for our speakers, this kind of visibility helps the overall cause by making Innovation Women a destination for event managers and other journalists too.

“Every time we get a woman on stage, she’s able to make her business more successful or her career more successful, but she’s also a success example for others. So, the more women we get on stage, the more women we will get on stage.”

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Say “Hello” to Donna

“Yes, I had a great time!” said the caption on the smiling picture. Donna Smith Bellinger, the founder of the Business Revenue Accelerator, was posting on social media about her recent speaking engagement at ISACA’s SheLeadsTech, a half day seminar following the North American CACS conference held in Chicago April 30-May 2, 2018 — a speaking engagement she got through Innovation Women. A professional speaker, revenue accelerator and author, Donna Smith Bellinger specializes in working with those who feel they have “hit the wall” when it comes to personal or professional growth.

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Welcome New Innovation Women: 6-13-18

headshot image

Welcome to our latest Innovation Women speakers! We’ve got an incredible new crop of speakers to satisfy every event manager’s fondest wish.

We have new speakers and subject matter experts in education, HR, financial services, designers, a dentist, data scientists, yoga instructors, entrepreneurs and founders, engineers, scientists, marketers and more. And every one of them just happens to be a woman.

Interested in booking one for your conference or event? Sign up on Innovation Women for a free event manager account and, once you’ve been approved, you can search for speakers and connect with them directly. We have more than 1000 speakers on our site.

Meet the new speakers:
Susan Duffy – Executive Director, Center for Women’s Entrepreneurial Leadership at Babson College. Jaime Chambron – Chief Success Officer at Impact Oceans. Lisa Whited – Founder/Chief Transformation Officer at Workplace Transformation Facilitation. Erica Henning – Partner and Director of Portfolio Management at ApexOne Investment Partners. Megan Marini – Speaker/Coach at Conscious Leadership. Dr. Lisa Knowles – CEO/Dentist of IntentionalDental Consulting. Lisa Raiche – Founder/Principal at Bodhi Business Advisors. Katri Mullaly – Creativisionary/Owner at Sisukat Designs. Michelle Coyle – Cyber Security Engineer/Senior Principal Software Engineer at Raytheon. Mal Harrison – Founder and Executive Director at Center for Erotic Intelligence. Ra’eesa Motala. Terri Givens – Consultant, Executive Director at Givens Consulting, Edgemakers Institute. Deborah Berebichez – Chief Data Scientist & TV Host at Kaplan and Discovery Channel. Tammy Bovee – Northwest Christian University/ Creative Fitness, LLC. Dorothy Martin-Neville – President/CEO at Dorothy A. Martin-Neville, PhD, LLC. Tasha Cunningham – Managing Partner at The Brand Advocates, Inc. Lisa deBettencourt – VP, Head of Experience and Product Design at Confer Health, Inc. Rebecca Oteri – Founder/CEO at Create & Consult. Cheryl Hajjar – CEO at Indigo Pixies / Maid Brite Residential & Commercial Cleaning. Josie Elias – Program Manager – Digital Health Innovation Group at Brigham and Women’s Hospital. Susan Israel – Principal & Founder at Climate Creatives. Maureen Whitehouse – CEO & Founder at The Axiom Institute. Kathy Klotz-Guest – Founder, Chief Storyteller at Keeping it Human. Catharina Lavers Mallet – Stiga Advisors. Melissa Alexis – Founder, Mindfulness Through Movement Facilitator & Coach at Cultural Fabric. Carlyn Shaw – Strangers To Friends. Mary Carmen Gasco-Buisson – Director & New.Ventures Portfolio Leader at Procter & Gamble. Kendra Elaine – Speaker, Writer, Corporate Trainer at Kendra Elaine Consulting, LLC. Karen West – Principal at C & P Management Services, LLC. Melinda Watman – President & Founder, CEO at MJW Consulting, IV SafeT, The F Word Fat. Candace Lee – Public Speaker and Yoga Instructor at Simplee Flow. Mari Anne Vanella – CEO at The Vanella Group, Inc. Becky LaFranchi – Founder/Owner/HCIC at The Industry Collective. Jacqui d’Eon – Principal at JAd’E Communications Ltd. Renata Spinks – CEO at Resilient Cyber Services and The Bosslady Network. Laura Kleiman – Founder at Cures Within Reach for Cancer. Lynn Bromley – Founder and Principal at FinTech Advocate. Nikki Mamuric – Founder & CEO at Sprout Innovation Co. Carolyn Kaufman – Mindset Coach at Without The Weight, Inc. Sangeeta Gautam – Sr. Managing Consultant at IBM. Amera McCoy – Principal Consultant at McCoy Consulting LLC. Jindra Cekanova – Founder/ Catalyst at Valuing Voices at Cekan Consulting LLC. Elizabeth Mezias – Principal Engineer at Crowd Comfort. Jacobina Trump – CEO at Karen Walker Beecher – Chief Operating Officer at The Bowdoin Group. Ivy Cohen – President and at Ivy Cohen Corporate Communications. Ginger King – President at Grace Kingdom Beauty. Amie Cafferty – Head of Talent Acquisition at Raytheon. Alexa Baggio – Co-Founder & CEO at PERKS. Rachel Cossar – Founder at Choreography For Business. Marlin Williams – Founder and CEO at Sisters Code. Molly McPherson – Leading Edge PR & Communications at Molly McPherson.

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Getting Speaking Engagements Sponsored

rebe-adelaida-293711-unsplash italy

Photo by Rebe Adelaida on Unsplash

Dear Innovation Women,

I have a potential opportunity to speak in Italy in November for a women’s technical association conference! (This is a result of a speaking engagement last week.)

The conference is small and doesn’t have funds to cover travel and I am wondering if I can help them by getting my talk sponsored. I can think of potential companies that might want to be seen there, but have no sense of where to begin/whom to reach out to, etc. Suggestions? Thanks, Linda

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Innovation Women at Interop

More than 30 years ago, I attended some of the first Interop events. This independent event for the IT community is still running today and does a great job with diversity and inclusion. This year the MAJORITY of keynotes at Interop in Las Vegas were women! So, we were extra proud to hear that Innovation Women Claritza Abreu, the founder and CEO of LatInc, was invited through our platform to speak at the 2018 InterOpITX. And thrilled to realize she was invited to speak by one of our other Innovation Women speakers, Katy Tynan.

“I was so excited and honored to host two sessions at the 2018 InterOpITX conference in Las Vegas, NV,” said Abreu. “Through the Innovation Women website, organizers contacted me and we found each other to be a great match! I was talking about our employee engagement and diversity social media platform, Areitos. Our technology helps companies facilitate their diversity and inclusion efforts. As an immigrant myself, I brought my most passionate and entertaining immigrant stories to the stage!”

Claritza also recently received an Innovation Women speaking invite from the Ellis Project, another place where her immigrant story is relevant.

According to Katy Tynan, “Claritza was great! Innovation Women was the first place I turned when I was looking for an inspiring, engaging speaker. It’s great to have such an easy way to find smart, talented presenters in the technology field.” Tynan, the founder and chief talent strategist at Liteskip Consulting Group, is the leadership track chair for InteropITX. She says she “really loves the Interop program. They are one of the few non-vendor conferences out there and the leadership track (where she placed Abreu) is always the most popular track.”

“That’s my passion,” Tynan continued. “I spent 10 years in tech, truly love the industry and the people but I know that there are still so many challenges with diversity and work-life balance. I want tech to become the destination field for everyone. It’s not just the industry that has ‘opportunity that comes with baggage.’”

That’s what Tynan was trying to showcase, and “Claritza was so perfect for that.”

(You can find both Abreu and Tynan on Innovation Women.)

The Innovation Women Justification Toolkit

Every week hundreds of events continue to promote All Male Panels and you’re still sitting on the sidelines. If you would like to be an Innovation Woman speaker but need help convincing the boss, our Justification Toolkit is here to help!  Simply copy and paste the verbiage you’d like to use and send it to your manager.

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