Spoiler Alert: The Post

The Post is a new movie starring Meryl Streep and Tom Hanks, directed by Steven Spielberg. The dramatization of the collision between the Nixon Administration and the Washington Post over the Pentagon Papers has been widely hailed as a support for freedom of the press, and journalistic integrity and responsibility.

But I watched it through the eyes of a female business owner, coming off one of the more tumultuous years for women in such roles, and for women, period. I was watching Meryl Street as Katharine Graham, the owner and publisher of the Washington Post who, in 1971 was in the often awkward “only woman in the room” position.

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Dear Event Sponsor

While many conference managers are well aware of the issues with #allmalepanels, there is still one type of speaking engagement that remains stubbornly immune to diversity: the sponsored event. Many conferences and events are funded by selling speaking slots and the speakers tend to cluster around the male and pale category.  And event managers tend to feel like they cannot ask a sponsor to consider sending a different speaker.

With this in mind, we’ve assembled a helpful little note that you can share with your sponsors.

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Do You Want or Have Kids?


I’ve been watching the AMC series Halt and Catch Fire, and in Season 2: Episode 2, “New  Coke”, the two female tech founders are pitching a VC who asks if they have children or are going to have children.

“What about kids?” he asks. “Do you have or want kids?”

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Science Helps Us Be Kickass Confident

By: Innovation Woman Alyssa Dver

Show me the proof. I want the raw data, the research, the visible causes and effects. Blame it on my northeast cynicism.

It wasn’t baseless faith that made me leave a successful CMO career to become a Confidence Crusader. I could not ignore the personal impact or the scientific evidence that confirmed it: confidence is the fuel for a happier, healthier life – and it turns out that anyone can scientifically train their brain to be more confident. 

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Why Women Turn Down Speaking Invitations

aaeaaqaaaaaaaae6aaaajdzlmdi1ntqzlwnizjgtngvknc1imtbhlwezn2nmzmi4nde1ygBy: Bobbie Carlton, Founder: Innovation Women, Innovation Nights LLC

At Innovation Women, we talk to a lot of women about their speaking engagements and the speaking invitations they receive. We also work closely with event managers who report back on how their invitations are received. Many managers tell us they start with diverse panels and gender-balanced slates, only to end up with an #AllMalePanel on game day. Why?

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By: Saija Mahon

My name is Saija Mahon, I’m a 36-year old business woman and a mum from Finland, however currently living in London UK.

I’ve been living the complex and mysterious lifestyle of an entrepreneur for the past 6 and bit years. My passion has always revolved around marketing, specifically digital marketing. Hence I’ve steered myself towards a career in this arena, which after about 6 years for working for some of the biggest media houses in London, led me to start up my own business.