Again, Fast Company?


When we left Fast Company last week, they had published a tech trends article featuring the musings of 17 top experts – 16 men and 1 woman. We countered with a tech trends article of our own, demonstrating that women could be experts in tech trends too.

This week we’re going back to Fast Company (the gift that keeps on giving for cranky bloggers).  We’re looking at an article where 9 CEOs predict their biggest business challenge in the coming year.  It was published the day before the tech trends piece.  THIS article featured 7 women and 2 men.

Yeah! Right?


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Yes, Fast Company, Women Can be Experts too. Our 2019 Trends


Fast Company shared this article, The Biggest Tech Trends of 2019 According to Top Experts through their newsletter. One of our speakers, Nancy Shenker, immediately noticed an issue: “Where are the women?”

Yes, that’s right, when it was published, and distributed to however many zillion people get Fast Company newsletters, none of Fast Company’s “Top Experts” were women. A few hours later (as of this writing at 10:00 pm EST Thursday night), the article has one woman quoted. There are 16 men listed.

So, in the interest of equal time, here are some of the top 2019 trends from women – many of them speakers and experts from Innovation Women. (Yes, reporters, you can use our platform to quickly connect with expert sources, who all just happen to be women.) Read on to learn more about important trends in AI, AR/VR/MR, Smart cities, IoT, security, data privacy, fintech and more.

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Innovation Women at Interop

More than 30 years ago, I attended some of the first Interop events. This independent event for the IT community is still running today and does a great job with diversity and inclusion. This year the MAJORITY of keynotes at Interop in Las Vegas were women! So, we were extra proud to hear that Innovation Women Claritza Abreu, the founder and CEO of LatInc, was invited through our platform to speak at the 2018 InterOpITX. And thrilled to realize she was invited to speak by one of our other Innovation Women speakers, Katy Tynan.

“I was so excited and honored to host two sessions at the 2018 InterOpITX conference in Las Vegas, NV,” said Abreu. “Through the Innovation Women website, organizers contacted me and we found each other to be a great match! I was talking about our employee engagement and diversity social media platform, Areitos. Our technology helps companies facilitate their diversity and inclusion efforts. As an immigrant myself, I brought my most passionate and entertaining immigrant stories to the stage!”

Claritza also recently received an Innovation Women speaking invite from the Ellis Project, another place where her immigrant story is relevant.

According to Katy Tynan, “Claritza was great! Innovation Women was the first place I turned when I was looking for an inspiring, engaging speaker. It’s great to have such an easy way to find smart, talented presenters in the technology field.” Tynan, the founder and chief talent strategist at Liteskip Consulting Group, is the leadership track chair for InteropITX. She says she “really loves the Interop program. They are one of the few non-vendor conferences out there and the leadership track (where she placed Abreu) is always the most popular track.”

“That’s my passion,” Tynan continued. “I spent 10 years in tech, truly love the industry and the people but I know that there are still so many challenges with diversity and work-life balance. I want tech to become the destination field for everyone. It’s not just the industry that has ‘opportunity that comes with baggage.’”

That’s what Tynan was trying to showcase, and “Claritza was so perfect for that.”

(You can find both Abreu and Tynan on Innovation Women.)

The Innovation Women Justification Toolkit

Every week hundreds of events continue to promote All Male Panels and you’re still sitting on the sidelines. If you would like to be an Innovation Woman speaker but need help convincing the boss, our Justification Toolkit is here to help!  Simply copy and paste the verbiage you’d like to use and send it to your manager.

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Featured Profile: Meredith Sandiford

2d7dc95Meredith Sandiford is the Executive Director of The Capital Network and the recently acquired entity, Greenhorn Connect. The two non-profit organizations respectively connect start-ups and entrepreneurs to quality workshops and content around the fundraising process and provide the leading community calendar and event resource hub for the startup community in the greater Boston Area.

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Geek Girl Tech Con

GeekGirlLogo-shadowMere hours after we pushed Innovation Women live we were on our way to Plymouth, MA for the Geek Girl Boston South Tech Con.  More than 500 other women (and a few guys) were there to geek out, learn stuff and connect with other Geek Girls and their supporters.  It was truly an awesome event!

We met women of all ages who were truly passionate about tech and unafraid to network, Screen Shot 2015-05-06 at 2.20.58 PMask questions and get involved in the many opportunities at the event. Attendees ranged everywhere from coders and independent business owners to women seeking a career change into the tech scene or just learning a new skill.

There was lots to do. In addition to the many company booths to visit and people to network with, the event had various panel discussions, tons of classes attendees could take and a featured speaker. Our very own Bobbie Carlton participated in the “Sharkette Tank Pitch Fest”.

Geek Girl Signs Up for Innovation WomenOne of the highlights for us was the opportunity to pitch Innovation Women, and we are very excited by the feedback and interest we received! We look forward to participating in the next Geek Girls Tech Con.  A hearty congrats to Leslie and her team for a truly terrific event!

Geek Girl events are nationwide. Find one near you!

PS: Check out this Storify for more great pics!