Here’s what speakers and event managers are saying about Innovation Women!

testimonialsWe’ve placed speakers with a wide range of corporate events (example: IBM Cloud event), non-profit organizations (examples: Venture Cafe, NECINA, RamenCamp from The Capital Network), and universities and schools (examples: MIT, Smith and Emerson.) Our specialty is events such as those you would find on or – (Example: Tech Meets Real Estate), especially when the organizers need to come up with new speakers every month.

Event Managers:

“I found several speakers from Innovation Women who were able to speak at my conference. Even as a last minute fill-in, they were eager to dive into the program and share their expertise with attendees. Not only was the conference a great success, but those speakers received great reviews for their roundtable interactive discussion sessions!”

— Samantha Lee, Program Director, IQPC


“Thank you so much for your help! We reached out to Tanya and she’s going to participate in the panel. 100% wouldn’t have found her without Innovation Women. I’m glad to be able to have a diverse panel and also to put someone of her caliber up on the panel, we have a super star panel now.”

— Meredith Sandiford, The Capital Network


“Innovation Women was a great resource in sourcing speakers for this event, and streamlined my process 10 fold. I went from no panelists to done within a couple days when normally it can take weeks. I’ll certainly continue to lean on the platform to ensure that our panels are fair and balanced.”

Aaron Radez,  Beacon Hill Partners, Event Manager


Emerson College used the Innovation Women database to invite several women to deliver individual presentations on various aspects of entrepreneurship. “What made these presentations stand out is that each of these amazing women spoke openly about their own experiences and gave real world examples. The class was 95 percent women so it was good for them to hear from other women who are doing amazing things. It really gave the students the confidence to pursue their own dreams.”

Yuri Cataldo, executive-in-residence and Emerson’s director of the Business of Creative Enterprises


“For one of our recent events, we used Innovation Women to find our keynote speaker, Mary Adams, and designed the conference theme around her topic. The Innovation Women site made it easy. This is a great resource for organizations like ours. It’s also helped make us more aware of gender balance in our conferences and we’ve made adjustments in our policies and procedures.”

John Wang, NECINA


“Thank you also for tweeting about us being at the event. I didn’t realize that Innovation Women was so wonderfully hands-on with the speakers once they were selected. Things were great at the WGBH Boston Talks event. It was a great group of people, and I really enjoyed it. They should definitely keep using Innovation Women to find more female speakers. As you know, it was 3 guys and me! The event was extraordinarily well-run and well-planned. They gave us all the supports and guidance needed to talk on stage.”

— Sara Holby, Ajiri Tea


“I spoke to the NECINA job fair a couple weeks ago. It went well. I may go back to do a workshop for their corporate members. And they were filming so I got some new footage for my profile. Thanks for all you do!”

— Mary Adams, Smarter Companies


“Innovation Women has provided me with several invitations to present, both directly and through the connections I’ve made. The hallmark of a great salesperson is how many times you can convert a single lead! My presentations at both IBM Smartcamp and the Startup Institute led to multiple opportunities.”

— Mimi Evans, Fast Turtle Ventures


“Thanks to Innovation Women I spoke at Smith College earlier this month. It was a great connection to make.”

— Linda Rossetti, Author, Women & Transition


“Innovation Women has been a great way to increase my visibility but it’s more than that. It has given me a chance to give back. A recent invitation to speak to a class of entrepreneurial students was well aligned with some of my long-standing volunteer work, helping women start and grow businesses. I had an opportunity to practice my presentation skills and connect with a number of young people.”

— Cynthia Gilbert, Hyperion Law


“I enjoyed speaking at Suffolk University’s ‘Disrupting the Career Paradigm’ event.  Thanks to Innovation Women for connecting me.  I spoke with and met like-minded accomplished women interested in bridging diversity. It was energizing!”

Jagathi Gururajan, Boston-based Operations Executive focused on cutting-edge global technology firms.